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I’ve known Sifu Steve for many years and have always found his training/teaching methods to be excellent!
He teaches in a friendly manor... I personally need things broken down into small bite size pieces so as to understand the concept of what I’m being taught which is something Sifu Steve manages easily with a great amount of patience!

Highly recommended!

Testimonial for Sifu Steve Dare

I am a 5 year student in Wing Chun kung fu which has opened my eyes to the potential that lies within me.

I have been training martial arts for the past 10 years on & off and have found nothing like Wing Chun and the way that Sifu Steve teaches it!
Most martial art classes just take you through the motions, but do not cover the finer details. Sifu Steve is able to transmit those finer details in an easy to understand fashion!If you are looking for the real deal and to have fun along the way, than Sifu steve is the instructor you have been looking for!

Testimonial for Banstead Wing Chun

I’ve been training in Wing Chun for about 4 years & can honestly say Sifu Steve is a great instructor!
He has excellent teaching abilities with a great skill set to boot! You will learn a no nonsense rapid powerful System that will allow you to protect yourself, family and values.

Through the teachings of Sifu Steve, I have developed as a person and a Martial Artist. I myself have defended myself using Wing Chun on a couple of occasions and I am very thankful for the Wing Chun that I have learned which has proven to be an excellent self defence system!

Sifu Steve Dare is someone you can trust 100% and what you see is what you get, skill, knowledge and devastating effectiveness!

Testimonial for Sifu Steve Dare