Banstead Wing Chun | Part Of The WCK UK Organisation

Sifu Steve Dare
Head Instructor WCKUK Banstead

Like a lot of people, my passion for martial arts was ignited by Bruce Lee and as a small boy in the 70's in the thick of the 'Kung Fu' boom, I became fascinated with the Martial Arts!

A number of years later I began training in Chinese kickboxing & after that Tae Kwon Do both of which I gained the coveted Black belt. During my Tae Kwon do days I entered a numerous amount of tournaments with a fair amount of success!

I began my Wing Chun journey around 2004 and was immediately hooked!

The more I learned the more I came to realise that Wing Chun is a practical Martial Art for people of all ages.

A great martial art based on principles, simple & effective! After gaining the WCKUK Wing Chun 4th Technician Grade I felt the time was right to start teaching. Time to give something back after the decades of Martial arts training I have put in!

Within the WCK UK Organisation nothing is held back, no secrets.

With a bit of dedication, hard work and a lot of fun, I am confident as a teacher, you will get to where you want to be in your Wing Chun journey!

Sifu Steve Dare | 5th PG Level